The Architect

"Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication structure." — Melvin E. Conway

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Managment Consulting

Devising plans to adapt to everchanging business environment by leveraging fit for purpose technology is what energizes me and the reward in helping businesses optimize their processes according to their principles and goals is unmesurable. Whether Mean time to repair vs Mean Time between failures or coupling vs decoupling or analysing TCO defining OKRs or KPIs, every business is different and should be approached as a unique problem.


Software Architecture

Architecting highly scalable Software and prototyping them is my passion. I have Designed and Developed Software in Companies of almost all shapes and Sizes. From Enterprises to Startups, I take every Problem as an Architectural Challenge and have a VERY hands-on approach. I am currently architecting and developing microservice Architecture based prototypes and solutions in private and public cloud spaces. I am a big fan of Serverless / NoOps but all within the Customer Constraints.



On my recent Projects I've mostly used and configured CI/CD Pipelines based on Git, Docker, Jenkins and Kubernetes. I have also gathered extensive experience in configuring Websphere, WebLogic and JBoss Java EE Application Servers and WAS Liberty, Wildfly, Tomcat, Spring Boot and Quarkus microcontainers. For Scripting Automation I am using Bash and Ansible.


Software Development

I am an experienced Senior Software Developer with more than decade of experience Designing and Developing Enterprise Java applications. With the everchanging landscape of splitting front and backend technologies I am currenty developing Highly scalable Products using React, Angular, Vue.js and on the Back-End using Spring Boot and other JVM Java and Kotlin based Dockerized Microcontainers.


Test Automation

As a proponent of Test Driven Development I have also been working as a Test Automation Specialist & Consultant. I have sucessfully implemented and configured Automated Test Pipelines using Jenkins as an Orchestrator. For e2e Tests the preferred Tools are nodejs, jest, Puppeteer, Selenium. On the API Front I am automating tests mostly using, Postman, Bash and Powershell. Standard JUnit Libraries and its derivatives souch as arquillian are not a stranger also.


Data Science

Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Prediction Models. Helping together with Robotic Prozess Automation to predict Next-Best-Action or supporting analysis for decision makers. Predicting unforseen Insurance Policy cancellation and fraud detection prediction models.


IT Managment

With my experience and Customer facing approach I often find myself in role of a managment consultant. The Customer Journey often requires that I take on responsibility as an Agile Product or Project Manager. I have Experience in leading Teams in Waterfall or Agile way, but often find the Methodology to mix of both worlds, depending on the Stakeholder Views.


Mentoring and Coaching

As a Consultant I am mostly involved in Projects on different Stages and also in different roles. My Knowhow enables me to zoom in and out from Technical, Solution and Enterprise Architecture and solve different problems for each. That's why it is very important that the knowhow Transfer to other Members of the Organisation is sucessful. Teaching, Coaching and Mentoring of Staff members with Experience varying from Junior to Senior is one of the Tasks which are I find very rewarding personally.

"The speed-up achievable on a parallel computer can be significantly limited by the existence of a small fraction of inherently sequential code which cannot be parallelised." - Gene Amdahl
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Tech Stack on my recent Projects

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I am a certified AWS Solution Architect. I am prototyping Cloud and Serverless Solutions on AWS

Azure Cloudmore_vert
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I am developing project for customers on Azure Platform. I have prototyped a Prediction Model for Insurance using Azure ML.

Java Platformclose

I am an experienced senior Java Developer. From Websphere, to Tomcat wrapped in a Spring boot package. RESTful, Soap and even RMI.


Using brave new Frontend Frameworks and Libraries to develop Prototypes and Solutions. Material Design or Bootstrap as Styling in Customers Pattern Library.


Microservices, Soap, GraphQL and REST APIs or JDBC/JPA are the usual suspects here. To shift and map data from multiple sources to different destinations using JWT security is the main use case.


Using Elasticsearch to consolidate and speed up search Results. If bundeled with Logstash and Kibana it can be perfect for Centralized Logging Subsystem. ML Module is of use to detect Data Anomalies.


Mixing Syncronous and Asynchronous Services with automation and Human Interaction. These are the Workflows that are usually bein modeled with Camunda BPM.

Magnolia CMSmore_vert
Magnolia CMSclose

From Enterprise Portals to Microsites. This Java Based CMS with Professional Services is very sought after in Enterpsises. Magnolia Offers the Flexibility of Headless CMS and Template Changes on Runtime


The Orchestration tool of Choice for most of the on permises CI Systems. Jenkins Pipelines is the new "Pipeline as a Code" Gold Standard.


Dockerisation is a modern abstraction wonder in Software development. It enables us to create immutable isolated environments which are perfect Tool to be independent to the Cloud Provider to some extent.


Of all databases that I encountered, the Graph properties of Neo4j are very special. It enables us to make implicit joins that result in blazing fast connected data access.


Puppeteer, Jest and Node in a Jenkins Pipeline. This is the modern Test Automation Recepie. Headless mode enables us to execute tests in Memory and the requirement to have a Server is obsolete.


Selenium is the Front End Testing API Standard, but also a mighty tool to test the Browser Compatibility Matrix. With the Selenium Server you can offload long lasting tests to a separate System. Selenium Runner on the other Hand offers a modern Headless Mode with Python language Syntax support.


Tensorflow, AWS Machine Learning, Azure Machine Learing, R are the tools of choice when modelling prediction models and quantifying data.

"The explanation requiring the fewest assumptions is most likely to be correct." - William of Occam
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Contact me

You can drop me a ping through my Contact Form and I'll get back to you or contact me on Social Media

"Passion is inversely proportional to the amount of real information available." - Gregory Benford
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